A new airport shuttle service begins this week. Please go to the website http://www.myairride.com for all information regarding single and round trip costs, drop off locations, etc. We are extremely fortunate that this new shuttle service will work extremely well for our customers and we recommend the shuttle for those that wish to avail themselves of the public transit option. Please note that since the main bus route in Ann Arbor (#4) goes directly past the Lamp Post Inn you will find that you can easily move around Ann Arbor from our ideal location. Route #4 will link at two separate locations to the new airport shuttle service.

There will be twelve shuttles per day between Ann Arbor and the airport. All twelve of these will go directly to the Blake Transportation Center but four will also stop at the University of Michigan Central Transportation Center.

Anyone wishing to use the shuttle should go directly to the website http://www.myairride.com to make reservations and to verify schedules.

People using the shuttle to get to the Lamp Post Inn should take the shuttle from the airport to:

  • Blake Transportation Center and then transfer to either route 4A or 4B and head to the Lamp Post Inn (less than a 15 minute ride). The charge will be $1.50. or
  • University of Michigan Central Campus Transportation Center and transfer to bus route #4B (less than a five minute ride to the Lamp Post Inn) again a charge of $1.50.

The same information applies to people leaving for the airport (just reverse the process).

Please note that the Ann Arbor Public Transportation website theride.org has a planning tool on their website. Unfortunately, when typing in our address of 2424 E. Stadium you will need to use the zip code 48108 (instead of 48103 or our actual zip 48104). There seems to be some confusion on the zip code map and we would prefer that you arrive at our hotel instead of the party store on the other side of town.