The Power CenterAt this year’s Ann Arbor Summer Festival, the Italian children’s theater company T.P.O. will be performing The Butterfly Garden – a great show for the entire family in which interactive visual dance theater is used to bring nature and magic to life. Performances will run from June 23-27 and will take place in the Rehearsal Room at the Power Center, located on the University of Michigan campus.

The Butterfly Garden takes viewers through the evolution of caterpillar to butterfly, as company dancers simulate the wings of butterflies moving through space, causing beautiful colors, botanical images, and rain forest sounds to continually erupt in real-time response to their graceful movements. The children’s cheering carpet, a ground-breaking device that uses touch sensors, transforms the stage into a mystical landscape and makes it appear as though the butterflies are painting on air with their great wings — a thrill which young ones from the audience can then experience first hand, as they are invited to enter into this magical playground to touch and explore the glowing interactive garden themselves.

Interested in coming to see this stunning multi-media extravaganza? Well, then you’re in luck. The Lamp Post Inn, a local family-run establishment located about 1 1/2 miles from the Power Center, is offering a special housing offer to those individuals attending events at this year’s summer festival. Simply go to and insert the promo code FESTIVAL in the code box when checking for availability on the nights of these events and receive a 10% discount on many popular overnight unit types.