Dexter Michigan has certainly dominated the news the last week and now comes an opportunity to assist the community and enjoy a wonderful activity at the same time.

Last week tornadoes ripped through the Dexter area and leveled many homes – creating havoc, hardship and problems for the entire community. The damage was extensive and the memories of those damages will forever scar the individuals and communities.

As an individual that typically visits Dexter once or twice a week I was truly proud and warmed by the way the community reacted to the extreme problems thrust upon their community. Less than 24 hours after the devasation had appeared, the community was already in an all out process of recovery. While the devastation was still apparent, the fact is that 24 hours later there were dozens and dozens of new temporary blue roofs in place, wobbly structures had been removed, debris had been stripped from the roads and trees and the community was actively revived. Hardship still existed, but what was apparent was the spirit of the community and the agencies involved. Dexter did not come to a halt while requests for aid went out – instead it reacted the way a wonderful energetic community should – neighbors flocked to assist in food, water and clean up. Rebuilding progressed methodically and with determination and less than 24 hours later I was truly awed by the realization that even though the devastation had been horrific – the community was already well in the process to a total rebuilding. This was a community that reacted on it’s own and vendors in the community and small shopkeepers instead of taking advantage of the situation, reacted by donating and giving supplies free to anyone needing assistance. Local hardware stores, restaurants and small business people did what only they could do – gave 100% to a quick rebuilding of faith in their community.

Now, less than one week later I notice that the community is sponsoring and celebrating the opening of a new river trail which, although having nothing to do with the tornadoes, is just another step in what the community is trying to do – get life back to normal and make Dexter the outstanding community that it has always been.

A special walk is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th and a local charity is giving a $20.00 donation to the community for everyone who participates in the walk. Details of the walk are available through the Dexter Wellness Walk website.

Come out to Dexter and see a vibrant community, a community on the mend, and a community that speaks for everything that we love and are proud of in America.

During the actual tornadoes the Lamp Post Inn had several Dexter residents that came to our hotel for the evening and we are truly hope that we could make their evening a little more comfortable. In the spirit of the rebuilding that is taking place in Dexter, The Lamp Post Inn we will join in the fund raising efforts as well and for any of our present guests that decide to participate in the Saturday walk, please simply show us a copy of your registration form for the walk and we will make a special additional donation to the tornado relief in Dexter just for your participation in this heart warming experience.