Hill Auditorium
The University Musical Society will present a special performance of the Lincoln Center Orchestra at Hill Auditorium on March 17th, 2010. Featured performer will be Wynton Marsalis, unquestionably the finest jazz trumpter of our times. He will be flanked by a group of individual performers that deliver a performance of stunning quality and perfection.
The Lincoln Center Orchestra will perform an extremely creative mix of jazz drawn from historic greats such as Count Basie and Mary Lou Williams as well as new pieces including selections from Ted Nash’s new jazz suite, “Portrait in Seven Shades” featuring seven movements inspired by various members of the art community including Picasa, Monet and Dali.
The Lincoln Center Orchestra is generally regarded as the finest jazz group in the world and the individual talents of its members is astonishing.
Additional information can be found at the University Musical Society web page.
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